The twelve babes of Christmas – my top 12 Christmas songs by women for your holiday playlist!

20 Dec

When it comes to Christmas, I love all of the traditions that come along with the holiday. It’s a little ridiculous, actually. For instance, after I was so upset last year that my mother had decorated the tree before I got home from England, this year she left the tree undecorated until after I got home on the 17th (waaaay later than the tree’s ever been left undecorated!) so I could do it. Just this morning I finished going through all of our old ornaments, each one with a name and date painstakingly written on the back in Sharpie, commemorating the person who gave it to us and the year that they did.

One of my favorite ornaments on our tree. Yes, it is a sequined brontosaurus.

One of my favorite ornaments on our tree. Yes, it is a sequined brontosaurus.

I also love Christmas music. LOVE. In fact, my mom has me curate the Christmas playlist every year because I’m guaranteed to find versions of Christmas classics as done by her favorite bands. Killers? Got ‘em. Death Cab? Of course.

But as I listened to my playlist this year, I was struck by how few female artists I have on it. So I decided to put together a list of my favorite Christmas songs by female artists to remind myself of all the great woman-fronted Christmas music there is out there! (Obviously I did not include “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” since we already know how I feel about that one…).

So here we go – my top twelve Christmas songs by women! (Click the title for each to go to the song on YouTube).

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Randomly Wednesday listicle round-up

11 Dec

Hey kids! I was going to make this week’s round-up another super-fun gift-focused one, but I didn’t have enough links saved. So instead, you’re getting one with lots of disheartening information about sex in America! Yay!

I will have to look up where the phrase "the birds and the bees" came from...

I will have to look up where the phrase “the birds and the bees” came from…

I’m a big proponent of comprehensive, accurate education around sex, sexual health, and relationships. So obviously I’m concerned with:

The eight most absurd lessons Americans teach kids about sex.

and the:

Seventeen lies we need to stop teaching girls about sex.

Just in case you’re wondering how that kind of information can affect our treatment of girls and women, here are nine female book characters punished for having sex.

And lest you think that that kind of punishment only happens in fiction, here are five ways our society unfairly punishes women for their sexuality.

How can a biscuit be wicked? Five reasons to stop calling foods “bad”

8 Dec

This story starts, as so many stories do, with some biscuits. That’s cookies, to my American readers. Milk chocolate digestives, to be exact.

You see, I ate about a dozen of them the other day in the office. They were there, just sitting in front of me. I was doing mindless work in a desolate meeting room… it happens. I wasn’t thrilled that I’d eaten so unhealthily (especially since that was my lunch) and was dreading the inevitable sugar crash, but didn’t really give it much thought.

I only regret that they weren't dark chocolate.

I only regret that they weren’t dark chocolate.

However, a while later one of the women from the office came in to fetch the biscuits to share amongst the rest of the office. She took notice of how many I had eaten, gave me a dramatically conspiratorial wink, and said “aren’t you wicked!” before walking out the door.

Guys, I was stunned. My gut reaction would have been to burst out laughing at the fact that someone had actually said something so ridiculous, but I was too taken aback by the realization that a lot of people wouldn’t see her statement as ridiculous at all.

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Holiday shopping links round-up!

6 Dec

And… it’s December! Time to start thinking about your holiday shopping, if you haven’t already. Here to help is today’s listicle round-up!

Thanks, stock photography!

Thanks, stock photography!

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Black Friday links round-up

28 Nov

Happy Black Friday to all my American readers! In light of the events in Ferguson this week, I’ve focused this week’s links round-up on activism surrounding Ferguson and Black Friday.


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A haircut is never just a haircut: Tangled

27 Nov

I wasn’t planning on writing anything this week – it’s a busy busy week, as I’m packing and moving, so I’d given myself a break.

But then I watched Tangled.

Tangled-2010My motivation for watching this film was, to be honest, sheer vanity. Apparently when she was at Euro-Disney, the girl I nanny for saw a picture of Rapunzel and said “Hevvah happy!” (Hevvah is her pronunciation of my name).

Now, I try to escape the confines of patriarchal standards of beauty as much as the next feminist, but if a two-year-old thinks I look like a princess, I’m not going to argue!

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Five ways to teach your toddler about consent

22 Nov

Last week, I wrote about why I think it’s important to teach toddlers about consent. This week, I’m outlining some of the ways that I try to do that with the girl for whom I nanny.

While the intricacies of consent as we discuss them today relating to sex are probably not something you’re going to discuss with your preschooler, there are many ways to lay the foundations of how children understand respect, boundaries, and their bodily autonomy.

Toddler memes are obviously not my forte.

Toddler memes are obviously not my forte.

In my experience as a nanny, I hope that these foundations will serve as a model for other relationships the kids have throughout their lives, with authority figures, friends, and partners. I hope that they will enter relationships expecting their boundaries to be respected and respecting others’ boundaries, and understanding that nobody ever has a right to someone else’s obedience, affection, or body.

I’m not claiming to be any kind of parenting expert (especially since – duh – I’m not a parent). Every kid is different and every situation is different. These are things that have worked for me.

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Saturday listicle round-up

22 Nov

Another week, another listicle round-up that doesn’t fall on a Friday. Sigh.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

This week’s round-up features some things I was thinking bout with Thanksgiving coming up (for my American readers, at least). While I personally  love family holiday get-togethers, they can be really stressful in a lot of ways, especially with older relatives grilling you about your life choices and plans for the future (or, in many of our cases, feminism).

So these first two links are about confidence and overcoming insecurities.

1. These quotes from celebs on overcoming insecurities remind us that even the most beautiful and successful people have a hard time with confidence.

2. Here are eight handy tips for overcoming imposter syndrome.

Thanksgiving can also be a time when you see friends you haven’t seen in a long time, as everyone is home for the holidays. This can also be both fun and stressful.

3. Here are four myths about female friendships.

4. And as stressful as it can be, female friendship can be so powerful that people are often scared of it. (I mean, think of the ways that the media tries to fuel “feuds” between successful female actors, musicians, and authors).

5. Finally, whether you’re the teen being grilled about feminism by relatives or you have a teen relative that you think could benefit from it, here are four reasons that teens should be exposed to feminism.

Have a great week!

Should we teach toddlers about consent?

17 Nov

As many of you know, I nanny for the coolest 2-year-old ever. As someone who doesn’t plan on ever having kids of her own (which is a topic for another post), having this opportunity to watch the growth and development of another tiny human is, in all honesty, one of the most fascinating and rewarding things ever.

Obviously when I accepted the position as a nanny for a little girl I was concerned with making sure that I helped to raise her in a way that didn’t reinforce gender stereotypes and that encouraged her to be confident and happy.

What is he even doing?

What is he even doing?

Her parents feel very much the same way; they praise her bravery and strength along with her kindness and gentleness, they encourage her interest in her baby doll along with her fascination with the vehicles found at construction sites, and they’re way better than I am about not defaulting to “he” when talking about the genderless animals in her picture books (woohoo, internalized patriarchy).

However, when I took the job, I never thought that I’d be concerned with the idea of teaching a toddler about consent.

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Friday Listicle Round-Up: Girls Edition!

14 Nov

Today’s listicle round-up is centered around girls; I’m working on a post about working with toddlers, so today’s round-up is following that theme.

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