2013 year-end links round-up round-up

Nothing says “Happy New Year” like a links round-up round-up (especially if you’re too busy to write an actual post!). Hope you had a lovely evening, that your January first felt like a fresh start, and that school tomorrow isn’t TOO bad.

Check out the 28 feminist moments that PolicyMic considers the most iconic of 2013, including topics like rape culture, abortion rights, intersectional feminism, women’s rights worldwide, women’s representation in popular culture, Malala, and Beyonce..

Jessica Valenti compiled her ten favorite feminist articles of the year.

Ms. Magazine put together its list of the best 13 feminist quotes of the year, including politicians, activists, actresses, Malala and Beyonce.

CNN’s top ten women of the year included the Delhi rape victim, Pussy Riot, Malala, and Beyonce.

Feministing.com put together their favorite feminist content – parts one and two – along with their favorite feminist music videos of the year.

Check out some high points and low points for women in film this past year.

Huffington post looked back at “A monumental year for hope,”  and also documented the ways in which trans* issues are finally beginning to get the attention they deserve.

Of course, even with all of those advances and successes, 2013 still provided us with tons of examples of sexism.

Next up, feminist New Year’s resolutions!

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