Five for 5/5

Ooh, a date that reads the same in English and American! Whether you’re enjoying the bank holiday or just getting up for work, here’s some light Monday-morning reading.


1. Not loving what you see in the mirror? This list of seven ways the beauty industry convinced women they weren’t good enough will lay out the ways in which advertisers contribute to unrealistic beauty standards. Remember, people will only buy products to “fix” themselves if you can convince them there’s something wrong with them in the first place!

2. Given those unrealistic standards, it’s not surprising that many of these fourteen overrated things that little girls can’t wait to do involve changing the way that they look through makeup, shaving, bras, and hair dye.

3. See any good movies this weekend? This women in media report reveals some not-so-great stats about women on screen, behind the news, and in the director’s chair.


4. Speaking of women writing, here are nineteen things that women writers are sick of hearing.

5. But it’s not all bad news! Here are twenty-three ways that feminists have made the world better for women (and, I’d argue, for all people!).

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