Friday morning links round-up!

Sometimes, when it’s hot and humid, you don’t have the energy to read (or – ahem – write) a long, solid post. So here’s your July round-up of links to lists! A lot of these are applicable to some of my older posts, so I’ve included some links to those.

Abstinence-only education

Abstinence-only education

1. As many of you know, I’ve been getting some anti-choice people commenting in my post about anti-choice protests from a few months ago. The first two items on this list of 8 things America gets terribly wrong about sex help to explain why I feel the way I do!

2. In this list of 7 lies we have to stop telling about African-American girls, #7 is an example of ways that positive stereotypes can actually be harmful.

3. While we’re talking about girls, here’s a list of 7 STEM resources for girls.

4. This list of 16 famous women on what feminism means to them reminds me of the “I’m not a feminist, but…” statements that female celebrities often make to the media.

5. And here are some inspiring quotes about women from female authors throughout history to send you off into your weekend feeling good! (Well, until you get to the disclaimer at the bottom that feels the need to reassure you that most of those authors actually loved men… way to reinforce stereotypes!)

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