Friday listicle round-up

Guys, we’re more than halfway through September. How did that happen??

shonda rhimesI’ll be spending my weekend editing a paper to present at this conference. I sincerely hope you’re doing something more fun!

Here are your Friday listicles:

1. Girls on Film: 5 ways movies can be as diverse as television. The success of shows like Orange of the New Black proves that diversity isn’t just important — it’s profitable.

2. 12 Images Show What It Really Means to Play Like A Girl

3. 21 “Strong Women Characters” Who Made Mistakes (And Learned From Them)

4. 40 Hot Queer Women in Comedy

5. 32 Feminist Lessons for My Daughter

Bonus link: I used a picture of Shonda Rhimes from the first link in this post. Today the New York Times published a profile on Rhimes that reduces her and her characters to “angry black women”. Here’s one response to that profile.

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