International Day of the Girl: Day 7

Today’s action in the International Day of the Girl‘s 11 Days of Action is brought to you by Plan International‘s Because I am a Girl campaign (so many links in one sentence!).

You can see my contribution to Day 3 of the campaign here. Yes, I skipped a few days.

Head over to Plan International’s site for the campaign to watch the “It’s a Girl Thing” video and to get involved in supporting girls’ rights to a quality education.

biaag-logoFor today’s action, I’ve put together yet ANOTHER infographic (don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll get bored of them soon) featuring some sobering information about girls’ health and education worldwide. But the situation isn’t hopeless; the research shows that access to quality, consistent education can make a world of difference for girls!

The infographic appears below: click it in order to access the interactive version that lets you click on the images to see their sources. Alternatively, you can check out the links to the sources below the image on this page.

IDotG1Statistics from the “Girl Rising” high school curriculum.

UNICEF and UNFPA’s fact sheet on girls and young women.

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