Halloween Listicle Round-Up!

Hi all! You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything this week. It’s been a crazy busy one – I’m trying to find somewhere to live, so I’ve been emailing landlords like crazy and running around looking at rooms. On a more positive note, I’ve been offered (and accepted) three part-time jobs this week – when it rains, it pours! Or, really, passive-aggressively drizzles – this is England, after all. Add that to trying to plan for the holiday season (so far I’ve got three Thanksgiving dinners lined up) and my trip home to the US, and I’m mentally exhausted!

However, speaking of holidays, it’s only one week until one of my favorite holidays of the year – Halloween!

I’ve always loved getting dressed up for Halloween. One of the highlights of my high school career was the Halloween that my friends and I dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz (complete with lollipop kids and Toto!) and won the group costume award, beating out the senior girls who had dressed as the Spice Girls and performed a choreographed dance.

Can you guess which one I dressed up as?

Can you guess which one I dressed up as?

But of course I’ve also noticed how Halloween costume choices for women have, over the years, become more limited and more sexualized, prompting a flurry of articles every October that range from thoughtful to slut-shaming. And don’t even get me started on cultural appropriation!


While I’m not going to actually contribute to that flurry, I will round up a bunch of links that will be super-helpful in helping you talk about gender binaries and sexualization in Halloween costumes, and also give you some great ideas for alternative, feminist costumes.

Some posts on why the gendering and sexualizing of Halloween costumes kind of sucks:

Halloween is frightening when it stereotypes and sexualizes both little boys and little girls.

Destroying the gender binary, one Halloween costume at a time: written by a former student of mine!

Some ways to avoid it:

Five ways to avoid sexism in your kid’s Halloween costume.

How to celebrate Halloween without being sexist.

Halloween costume ideas!

17 feminist Halloween costumes for little girls. A lot of these would be great for big girls too! Just don’t read the comments on the article – ugh.

Here are 20 feminist Halloween costumes (I especially love “women laughing alone with salad”!).

Women in history Halloween costumes.

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