Monday listicle round-up

Happy Monday! Happy November!

Things here are still busy – I may have found a new place to live, I rocked a homemade minion costume this weekend at a Halloween party for a toddler, and I start training for at least one of my new jobs this week.

My minion costume

My minion costume

So, we’re just going to pretend that today’s listicle round-up is early for this week, instead of late for last week, k?

1. If you need a little extra oomph with your coffee, check out this list of empowering quotes from women.

2. If Halloween weekend left you feeling a little “get off my lawn,” here’s a list of the most influential teens of 2014 to remind you that teens are doing awesome things all around the world.

3. If you’re looking for some examples of everyday sexism, here are ten things that women shouldn’t have to go through at university.

4. If you want a better understanding of what white privilege means, check out this list of things white people never have to ask themselves.

5. And finally, parents of boys might be interested in looking at this ten ways to talk to your sons about sexual violence.

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