Friday Listicle Round-Up: Girls Edition!

Today’s listicle round-up is centered around girls; I’m working on a post about working with toddlers, so today’s round-up is following that theme.

girls-elementary-school-300x2251. This list of “seven ways you may be hurting your daughter’s future” provides a pretty straightforward list of dos and don’ts for raising a daughter who will succeed in the workplace.

2. Here’s an insightful list of five ways girls are taught to avoid “smart”.

3. This list of ten toxic relationships in teen television and YA books gives a brief but disturbing overview of the kinds of relationships being modeled as “romantic” to young girls.

4. This article provides ten tips on girl-centered advocacy.

5. The last link today isn’t a listicle, but I’m curious to see what you guys think about this attempt to market feminism to girls.

Have a great weekend!

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