Saturday listicle round-up

Another week, another listicle round-up that doesn’t fall on a Friday. Sigh.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

This week’s round-up features some things I was thinking bout with Thanksgiving coming up (for my American readers, at least). While I personally  love family holiday get-togethers, they can be really stressful in a lot of ways, especially with older relatives grilling you about your life choices and plans for the future (or, in many of our cases, feminism).

So these first two links are about confidence and overcoming insecurities.

1. These quotes from celebs on overcoming insecurities remind us that even the most beautiful and successful people have a hard time with confidence.

2. Here are eight handy tips for overcoming imposter syndrome.

Thanksgiving can also be a time when you see friends you haven’t seen in a long time, as everyone is home for the holidays. This can also be both fun and stressful.

3. Here are four myths about female friendships.

4. And as stressful as it can be, female friendship can be so powerful that people are often scared of it. (I mean, think of the ways that the media tries to fuel “feuds” between successful female actors, musicians, and authors).

5. Finally, whether you’re the teen being grilled about feminism by relatives or you have a teen relative that you think could benefit from it, here are four reasons that teens should be exposed to feminism.

Have a great week!

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