The only 2014 year-end post you’ll need!

2014 was a HUGE year for feminism; whether you’re for or against it, this year you couldn’t escape it.


In fact, “feminist” was SUCH a buzzword this year that Time magazine listed it as one of the words it wants banned in 2015, asking “when did it become a thing that every celebrity had to state their position on whether this word applies to them, like some politician declaring a party?” (um, the answer to that question is that it became “a thing” when every journalist realized that by asking that question, their interview would get clicks”.

Time then apologized for the word’s inclusion, claiming that they’d meant to “invite debate”.

But let’s be honest, the inclusion of “feminist” on the list in the first place was probably just a stunt attempting to capitalize on its popularity this year.

toystorymisogynySpeaking of words, “misogynistic” was listed as one of’s trending words this year; the site speculates that the Elliot Rodger shooting and the resulting #YesAllWomen hashtag may have had something to do with the word’s popularity.

And speaking of misogyny, the anti-feminists were out in full force in 2014, providing us with these ten sound bites of ridiculous.

A feminist list of the top ten books this year.

These 39 iconic feminist moments from 2014 show women taking on sexual harassment and assault, racism, reproductive rights, education rights, body issues, and so much more.

So does this list of the top ten moments for women in 2014.

Women’s bodies were the ultimate battleground in war-torn 2014.

UN-PAKISTAN-MALALAIn fact, Laura Bates, author of Everyday Sexism, deemed 2014 a year of “brave, inspiring young feminists”.

And speaking of number one on that list, here’s why you need to read Malala’s speech in full.

This list of women who shaped 2014 contains heroes, villains, and victories, and here are 25 women who drove the culture in 2014.

Six states to watch for anti-choice laws in 2015.

If it seems like a lot of the “women of the year” lists are just rehashing the same handful of women over and over, here’s a list of 18 badass women you probably didn’t hear about in 2014.

If you prefer your feminism a little less heteronormative, here are some lesbian and bisexual women who kicked ass in 2014, and here are 17 of the biggest LGBT stories from 2014.

HRC published their list of the most LGBT-inclusive places to work in 2015, but before you immediately go out and patronize those companies, take a look at a dissenting opinion about many of them.

My new year’s resolution for 2014 was to learn more about trans issues, and 2014 certainly provided me (and everyone else!) with plenty of material with which to educate myself.

candy-cover-2Trans voices, notably those of trans women of color, began to be heard across the country in 2014.

Further, 2014 was a great year for art across and between genders.

However, we still have a long way to go on these issues; trans lives are still lost every day to violence and hate.

Transgender day of remembrance: those we lost in 2014.

Keeping in mind that feminism is only effective as long as it’s intersectional, here are some powerful images of Americans exercising their right to assemble in 2014.

And in case you need a reminder of why so many of these protests and demonstrations occurred, here’s a list of who police killed in 2014.

Here’s hoping that next year includes more progress and less backsliding.

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