Monday morning listicle round-up!

Happy Monday!

As you guys know from my previous posts on ways to teach toddlers about consent (and why we should do it) and gender stereotyping in baby clothes, I’m always interested in the ways in which we pass on messages about gender and sexuality to kids. Since I work as a nanny now and spent years as a high school teacher, these are issues that I see played out in my everyday life time and time again.

The perfect gift for feminist moms in your life!

The perfect gift for feminist moms in your life!

Today’s listicle round-up focuses on feminist parenting, teaching, and child-raising in general!

1. Here are eight tongue-in-cheek ways to turn your princess-obsessed toddler into a feminist.

2. Here are four ways we undermine tween girls’ self-expression.

3. It’s pretty well documented that the way parents talk about their own bodies has a strong influence on the way that kids see theirs. Here are five steps to start thinking about and improving your own relationship with your body so you can be an even better role model to the kids around you.

4. Here are five reasons we need to be teaching feminism in high school.

5. And within high school classes, representation is obviously important, so here are twelve historical women who gave no f*cks.

Have a great day!

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