Wintry listicle round-up

If you’re reading this from the Northeastern United States, chances are you’re kind of chilly right now. And sick of the snow. This listicle round-up is for you; I’ve put together some stuff to read, watch, and listen to to help you stave off the cabin fever you’ve been fighting all winter and to celebrate International Women’s Day!


If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, you know that the current show-runner has a reputation for being a little less than feminist. You also know that the hallmark of a true Whovian is constant optimism about the future of the show! To help feed your optimism, here’s a list of ten female doctors who could actually happen, complete with arguments for each one’s inclusion! Who would you like to see as the doctor?

Looking to revisit the classics? Here are some literary mean girls we love to hate; who else would you want to see on the list?

Using your snowed-in time to update your playlists? Here are some songs about being a woman, ranging from the feminist to the cringe-worthy.

If you’re looking to catch up on your feminist reading, here are 28 pieces by women, written in 2014, that cover everything from abortion to rape, diets and feminism, race and sexuality.

On a similar note, the New York Times’ top stories of 2014 were by women, about women.

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